About Us


My Name is Valerie and I entered  the  career  in  “Beauty  Culture”  in 1964…and  have been  privileged  to experience how  it  has  evolved a cosmetic to  holistic  approach!  From  working as a ‘beautician’ in a beauty salon,  a  traveling  beauty consultant for a  French cosmetic house,  training staff  in departmental  stores and pharmacies throughout SA,& direct  selling,Sales Promotion for  an American cosmetic  Company,  gave  me  a  wide scope in  experience!

 I courageously  opened  my  own  training academy, with  an  International examination recognition !Sharing my knowledge with others  inspired me to attend  congresses  overseas, from the  60’s until now, Updating my skills,and  keeping  up  with international  standards in  this  changing  profession! Interacting and training with Those at  the top  of  their  profession, is  a  privilege…I cherish…

My training  academy  is  fully  equipped, and  advanced  training  can  be arranged  for  those who  want to  skill themselves  to  complement  their  treatments…!This  career  affords  a ’specialist’ path  in whatever  interests you,to work  in…MASSAGE  is  given  with a caring attitude …emotion  of ’feel good’ should be achieved….